For the Love of Honking

Haiyang Taxi

Haiyang Taxi

After landing in Qingdao, which is the closest city to Haiyang with an airport, I quickly learned just how much Chinese drivers love their car horns. In the month before I moved to China, I probably used my horn twice while driving around Pittsburgh.  Most likely, it was at a crucial time like seconds before someone was about to hit my car while switching lanes on the highway. The Chinese would consider this a waste of the car horn’s many possibilities.

Here, the horn is used to let a car twenty feet ahead of you know that you are behind it. Why you would need to do that, I don’t know. The horn is also used to let a car know you are passing it, whether you are illegally passing it on a two lane road or legally passing on a four lane highway (with your car in the far left lane; theirs in the far right). Upon approaching an intersection–even those with no cars in sight–a Chinese driver is bound to honk. Similarly, a driver will give a quick, yet loud honk, to let a person walking on a sidewalk know they see them as they whiz by. Just for good measure, I guess.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video at the link below:

For the love of honking…

That’s right, folks, our taxi driver honked 21 times in 56 seconds. Honk! Honk!

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3 thoughts on “For the Love of Honking

  1. I think this is because Chinese drive without rules (as we understand the rules). Therefore to be safe honking is essential. Actually driving without rules is a somewhat rule on the road. You know that anybody can do anything, and you stay alert

    • Good point. From what I’ve seen, you are right, anything goes when it comes to driving over here. I’ve had to stop looking through the windshield when we are in taxis because it’s way too nerve racking.

  2. HILARIOUS!!! Sully liked all the honking 😉 LOOK OUT POOKIES!!!!!!!! CARRRRR!!!!!!

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