Thankfully for us, Pittsburgh’s come a long way

Food for thought on Beijing’s current pollution problems vs. those of the ‘Burgh back in the day.

For those of you worried about us after reading the article above, don’t. The air quality in Haiyang is nothing like Beijing. And for those of you who haven’t been to Pittsburgh since the ’70s, it’s come a long way. It’s a great and beautiful city.

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5 thoughts on “Thankfully for us, Pittsburgh’s come a long way

  1. andi reilly on said:

    ok, this all good to know since you have put it into perspective _ feeling much better about what you are breathing , the media has put a lot of attention on the pollution in beijing this past week so think we took it like it s spreading ???

  2. Very true! Did you take this pic?? Don’t lie!

  3. I’m just happy to hear that you can breathe again in your apartment.

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