Coping with Golf

A week and a half has passed since we scraped patches of mold off our bedroom ceiling and wall and since the expat village’s property management workers provided a temporary fix to our upstairs neighbor’s faulty AC/heating unit. It was supposed to stop the leak in the unit and thus in our bedroom (which had caused the mold in the first place) until the workers could come back and provide a more permanent solution. And it did for several days…until Friday night when we were tucked in our bed, reading our kindles, ipads, and iphones (it gets crazy around our place on Friday nights!), we heard the drip, drip, drip, ddddddddrrriiiiiiiiiipppp again.

The Evidence: Source of leak in neighbors' AC/heating unit.

The Evidence: Source of leak in neighbors’ AC/heating unit.

We promptly informed the property management folks on Saturday morning that we needed a real fix to stop the leak. Supposedly, while we were in Qingdao that day, they successfully provided one. Except they didn’t. The leak was still noisily and annoyingly drip, drip, dripping when we arrived home later that evening. It continued until Monday afternoon when the workers came back yet again to look into the problem, which is being caused by (1) the incorrect installation of the unit (2) excessive condensation due to the incorrect installation (3) a big hole in the bottom of the unit and (4) lack of proper ventilation for the unit. Long story short, a permanent solution to our leak is not looking likely…even though our downstairs neighbors are beginning to have the very same problem in the very same locations we are. In the meantime, another temporary fix has been installed: a trash bag like liner under our upstairs neighbors’ AC/heating unit. I hope I didn’t lose any of you with that high-tech mumbo-jumbo. Supposedly, the workers will be back to waterproof the concrete block that houses the faulty unit. Will this resolve the problem? Probably not. What would resolve the problem? According to my semi-pro home remodeling better half, some proper ventilation and connecting a hose to the hole that would then hang off the side of the building, so the excess water doesn’t pool in the concrete underneath it. But, let’s face it. This is China (TIC) where even a quick and simple fix can turn into a long, drawn out, herculean effort that ends in — at best — questionable results. I can see the leaky saga starting up again once the AC unit gets cranked in the hot summer months.

All Day Construction: Workers have been building something new at the village from sunup to well past sundown.

All Day Construction: Workers have been building something new at the village from sunup to well past sundown for the past several weeks.

Oh, I guess this would be a good time to mention another issue we have been having in the last couple weeks. At random times throughout the day we are hearing a gong-like noise sound off in our apartment. I know, I know. This sounds crazy. We sound crazy. I swear we are not. At first we thought the sound must be coming from a neighbor’s apartment or from workers outside (there is always work going on outside), but it is not. We — I — have pinpointed the general area that the noise is coming from, which is the metal railing that lines our living room window. Like a crazy person, I have stood right by it while hearing the GOOOONNGG! noise. It sounds like Oscar the Grouch is nearby using two metal trash can lids as cymbals…I wish that were the case. At least we would have a culprit to confront.

Fore!: My fellow golf students practicing at the range.

Fore!: My fellow golf students practicing at the range.

While all this annoying living in a shitty concrete block called an apartment in the middle of nowhere China stuff has been happening, we discovered a great stress reliever: golf. We were invited to take a lesson with some other expats on the driving range at Tiger Beach Golf Links, which is a few miles from our village. I had never been interested in golf. Probably because of my traumatic childhood miniature golf experience that involved whacking my mother in the eye with my club. Hey, I was trying to get the ball over the little creek that ran through the green. I didn’t know she was standing right behind me! I hope you’ve forgiven me, mom.

Golf Pros: Julia, our instructor, is on the left.

Golf Pros: Julia, our instructor, is on the left.

But I digress. Back to real golf. We got the shock of a lifetime when it turned out that I was actually good. Even Julia, our instructor, told me I was a natural. Wow! While I had the form and the aim, Iggy brought the power. Something I tried to work on when we went back a few days later. So far, golf seems like a good sport. It gives us an excuse to be outside enjoying the lovely spring weather, doing something active, yet not too strenuous. And it really was a great stress reliever. In the combined 2.5 hours we spent out there, we took out all our apartment frustrations on those poor golf balls.

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12 thoughts on “Coping with Golf

  1. Zhàngfū on said:

    Property management in China is an oxymoron for morons.

  2. Hah! From the title, I thought you were struggling to cope with golf, not that it was becoming a coping mechanism…but I am negative about the sport… it does certainly sound like a healthy reason to whack stuff… maybe I ought to give it a try. And yes, I was wondering why there weren’t bags or pans or other drip-catching devices employed up there sooner…

    • You and me both — I will never understand how certain things are handled here in China. And, yeah, who knew golf was fun? If only it weren’t so expensive. The driving range is cheap, but the cost of playing a round is almost on par (tee hee) with the U.S.

  3. emilyhikes on said:

    Coping with Golf translated to coping with golfers in my head. Like crazy Chinese golfers were pinging golf balls off of your apartment building all day haha.

    Full disclosure: I played golf my Junior year of high school for the varsity team. I took lessons prior to joining the team but had nominal success. And unfortunately, I had to stop because driving messes with my back and it’s not enjoyable if it’s hot outside. I am glad you are liking it though, and you’ll be welcome to my nice set of women’s clubs when you’re stateside once more! I’ve only played maybe 3 or 4 times since high school. One experience was quite nice though as it included three things I never had on the golf course before: a golf cart (wasn’t allowed when on the team), bourbon, and glow-in-the-dark balls and poles.

    • Wow–Emily you never cease to surprise me! Time will tell how into the sport we get, but I may just take you up on your offer if we stick with it…as long as they aren’t like bright pink or some other hideous color. And drinking while golfing sounds great to me, though I’d sub in gin for the bourbon. You can take the girl out of Kentucky, but…

  4. John on said:

    WTF?!? Sorry to hear that and hope there’s some resolution soon. In the meantime, sounds like golf will be a nice way to get out some frustration. Who knows, you could be the next Annika Sorenstam or (perhaps fittingly) Tianlang Guan!

    BTW, meant to mention that your May Day history lesson / reference was cool. I hadn’t realized it began in the U.S.

    • Yeah, not really…still waiting for the waterproofing people to come. I don’t know who those ladies are, though I’m sure I’ll meet them one day when I’m on the LPGA tour. And, yes, I felt like an idiot for not knowing the May Day factoid.

  5. Jess on said:

    I love the ladies in pink, haha! I know Iggy made them pose for that photo! Glad you’ve found your mold escape on the course! FORE!!!!!

  6. Jess on said:

    PS – Dead pig story, ewwwyyyy

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