Even a Typhoon Can’t Stop the Construction

Typhoon Soulik is currently pummeling us with wind and rain. We have been feeling his effect all week even though we live pretty far from Taiwan, which is getting the brunt of it.

Yet even a typhoon can’t put a damper on the pace of Chinese construction that continues to go on around us. Just down the street, crews have been working furiously on the Blue Ocean Holiday community.

Blue Ocean Holidays

There is clearly much more work to do, but in recent weeks the priority has been on laying the sidewalks and completing the landscaping.

Yesterday, during a lull in the rain, I went for a walk along our road heading in the direction of Feng Cheng and Haiyang. In a way, I wasn’t surprised to see workers like those below hard at it.

Shoveling Dirt

Across the road other crews were busy building structures that I assume will be part of the new marina.


This progress is impressive. Two months ago this area of beach was untouched. But then bulldozers started to arrive and since then every week has brought visible changes.


What will this marina look like? Signs promoting it promise “Never Before! Never Again!” I’m sure it’s meant to be a positive marketing slogan, but as someone who feels burned by Chinese construction, I can’t help but see it as a dire warning.

The promotional sheets floating around Iggy’s work sure make it look like a world-class facility.

Marina 1

Marina 2

I want to believe it will be. I’m sure when it’s finished its docks and surrounding homes and apartment buildings will look beautiful from the outside. But that will change after the first rainy season when the cracks in the concrete become visible to the naked eye.

And who will live here? Who will be able to afford the homes or sailboats and yachts that can be docked here? Certainly not the locals or the laborers building the place who, when not working, eat their meals and take their naps on the side of the road.

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