Shout Out To Myself

I gave an interview to a couple expat-themed websites not too long ago. You can check them out here and here. And, if you would be so kind when you visit these sites, please comment on the interview and share it via your social media of choice…you could help me spread the blog to new people and help me win an award!

The Q&As provide a brief little snapshot of my life here in China for future expats — Americans or others of different international persuasions — who might find themselves contemplating a move to desolate China.

Okay, so I may not live in a completely deserted area of China. Sure, some days we don’t have water (today) and other days we don’t have power (at least once a month), but these are the pains we must endure as this area of China grows and grows.

It could be worse. I could be living in a yurt perched atop a frozen, treeless plain elsewhere in Asia, washing my laundry by hand and drinking yak milk through the winters.

It could be better. I could be in one of the glamorous cityscapes — Beijing or Shanghai or Hong Kong — enjoying the high-life that many expats in those cities blog all about, making me jealous at times and thankful at others.

But I’m not. I’m in Haiyang, a place not many people outside of China have ever heard of. A place where not too many sexy things happen. There are no huge floating rubber duckies in our waters. We can’t claim the country’s tallest building. Hell, we can’t even make the news for our off the charts pollution levels.

Yet, there are lots of things that happen here that have a major wow factor to them. You won’t see a note like the one posted below in a swanky Shanghai office, but you will find it in offices here, where the 12:30-1:30pm nap time is an indivisible right, complete with under-the-desk cots.

That’s only one example. For those of you who are already following the blog, thanks and stay tuned for more posts. For anyone new to the blog, I hope you’ll stick around too.

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2 thoughts on “Shout Out To Myself

  1. I did stay in a hotel in Haiyang midst of winter where the heat and hot water was turned off as the men left for work and On again when the said guys returned in the evening.I also had the pleasure of washing by hand our clothes including sweats for 2 months as there was no laundry service provided in said hotel.This makes me enjoy the life back home even more.If I could bend down( and wasn’t a germophobic) I would kiss the ground I am now standing on.

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