In the Spirit of Wordless Wednesday

I forgot about posting photos for Wordless Wednesday over the last few months. My brain just doesn’t have much room for non-baby stuff these days. But I’ve got more than enough photos that capture quintessential China moments that I want to remember, so I’ll place two of them here for now and promise myself (for now) that I’ll come back and add others later.

Red Bean Ice Cream Cropped (Small)

We’re looking at red bean ice cream above. At least that’s what the menu called it. My friend ordered it at the son and mom owned coffee shop that recently opened in the LeadA grocery store complex we frequent in Feng Cheng. Well, I used to go there often. Iggy does most of our grocery shopping these days. I can’t thank him enough for it, especially now that we’re in the thick of fly season. I can’t stomach swatting the fat black things off the fruit and vegetables that get fed to Baby K. I’d rather pretend that I don’t know where they come from.

Back to the ice cream. Turns out it wasn’t red bean. My friend was expecting a few small scoops like you might get at a sushi place back home (I’m thinking of you, Chaya). Instead, she gazed down upon a scoop of chocolate ice cream that softly sat atop a handful of corn flakes. Underneath, gummy gobs of red bean and green tea confections bobbed like buoys in a sea of icy, frothy milk. Yum? The drizzle of chocolate syrup over it all made for a nice presentation, but unless you have the immature taste buds of a toddler, you wouldn’t have been impressed by its taste or texture. I sure wasn’t but the Chinese love these odd concoctions, which are staples at all the cutesy coffee shops that have popped up in these parts over the last few years.

Trash Close-up (Small)

You’re looking at another Chinese conundrum above: piles of trash strewn within proximity to, but not inside, designated bins. Why oh why, China? What is so hard about putting empty rice milk boxes, half-eaten chicken wing skewers, and plastic bags full of hard-boiled egg shells in tree stump shaped trash cans? Let’s not even broach the age-old question of why recyclables are never separated out. A half dozen of these piles ruined a recent walk we took in a pretty park near Haiyang with our same friend who ordered the red bean ice cream.

Who knows what we’ll see on our next venture outside of the village. As always, I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

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2 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love the red bean paste in whatever you call those sweet buns, but I’ll pass on the cornflakes too…

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